Michael Barber Discography


2005 Sharp As Razor Records Presents “How the Midwest was Won”

2006 Rhyme Related “First Impression”

2007 Motion Picture Mayhem

2008 The Barber Identity (German Release DJ 187)

2009 Motion Picture Mayhem Volume 2

2010 Motion Picture Mayhem 3 (DJ Mathematics Wu Tang Clan)

2015 Sand Dollars

2016 Deadly Combo with Matty Moe




2009 Swayzzed featuring Akon (Interscope Digital)

2009 She’s My Pennie Lane (Universal Music Group)

2010 Take Your Time featuring Josh Tifer (Interscope Digital)

2016 Recession Proof Mob

2016 Over the Moon (ECP Music Group)

2016 Moon Rocks

2018 Quiet War

2018 Semicolon

2018 Ladder

2018 Sinners and Saints


2006 Putting in Work

2007 Book of Rhymes with DJ Shogun

2008 Broadway Bangers with Buffalo Stille of Nappy Roots

2008 Can I Live with DJ Mo Phatt

2008 Rhyme Related with Wu Tang Clan’s DJ Mathematics

2009 Xanax and Anchovies

2010 The Truth with DJ Fade

2011 Most Wanted with DJ 187 (German Release)

2011 Live from Insanity with DJ Fade

2012 Intent to Distribute

2014 Return of the White Boy

**Also featured on

2005 “Do You or Do Nothing at All” Bop’em Down (Michael Barber Executive Producer)

2008 Stay on My Grind Louis Keyz featuring Michael Barber

2012 Nappy Roots “Sh*t’s Beautiful”

2012 Audio Stepchild “Every Coincidence Is Significant”

2013 The Hookah Lounge (Sofa Bed 502 Remix)

2013 A Different Kind of Christmas (Target Store Release)

2015 Underground Gods with Smoove Gotti