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Indiana Stomp

“We’ll beat you wearing candy stripes!”  



As we move on from this wild election please remember that we are Americans, and we will get through this election just like we always have. In saying that, I mean by putting all this energy and emotion and childish behavior into rooting for adults playing school yard games, and if you are from Indiana that means the greatest game ever invented, basketball.  Most importantly, Indiana Hoosier Basketball! Because come on Purdue couldn’t get to the Final Four of a 5 team tournament, Notre Dame is a football school, and the only thing a Butler fan does after winning a National Championship is turn off the Xbox and go to bed.

After the success of my song with Matty Moe, Indiana Boys, that we released last March, I wanted to give Indiana fans and this Hoosier squad a new anthem to put in their iPods as they STOMP through the regular season and continue STOMPING through March into April and then cut down the nets for Indiana’s 6th National Championship! (No pressure boys)

So as we end this crazy election, and turn our attention back to school yard games played by millionaires and college kids, who should be paid but aren’t paid but that’s another story, I give to you the Indiana Stomp. Which is now the official, unofficial, official fight song for the 2016-2017 Indiana Basketball team, Officially! (This is still unofficial though)

I normally dislike anthem songs because they are corny and sellout-ish so this song was a little bit difficult for me to do, but I figured since Indiana Basketball is the one thing I care about on the same level as I do music that this song would turn out at least genuine.

Also it’s called the Stomp because we are going to STOMP opponents out as easy as it is to count 1, 2, 1, 2. That’s 1,2, 1,2 because I can’t dance, but I do a fierce two step.

Download it, share it, play it. Play it around other Hoosier fans, and also play it around Purdue fans and then if they get mad or start to talk smack just remind them that they are lucky since there isn’t one bad seat in Mackey Arena…You know because they don’t have any banners to get in the way.