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Michael Barber is a musician, rapper, hip hop producer, A&R, and entrepreneur. Michael is the number #1 selling hip hop artist from the state of Indiana. Michael was signed to the infamous, Death Row Records via WIDEawake Eone Entertainment, but his album failed to release when Death Row Records entered into bankruptcy. Michael has also released poetry and music under aliases, Determined, Indiana Smokey Bones, and The Irish Jesus or the Jesus. Michael has been the frontman for two different musical groups, Illuminati Sky and Audio Stepchild.

Early Life

Barber grew up on the east side of Evansville, Indiana and attending the Catholic school Christ the King. He graduated from Harrison High School. Barber moved to Florida and earned a Bachelor degree in Entertainment Business from the entertainment industry college, Full Sail University.

Death Row

XXL Magazine contributor, Chad Kiser, spoke about Barber, stating that “every team needs their own Jeffrey Goines so to speak, and we have one with Barber.” Barber was signed to Hoopla Media Group and Death Row Records. He was signed after the success of his song, Sofa Bed, which he co-wrote with Nappy Roots MC, Buffalo Stille.

Barber’s debut on Death Row Records and Hoopla Media Group has been moved several times due to Death Row Records dealing with bankruptcy.

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Illuminati Sky

Barber formed the group, Illuminati Sky with rock metal musician, Josh Tifer, and the band toured with like Naughty by Nature, DefTones, and more. The song Run Thru the Streets, was an anthem for the Occupy Wall Street movement and was heard in two documentary films on the occupation. The song, Take Your Time, reached the top 20 on Itunes in 2012 and was released by Interscope Records.

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Michael Barber at Quad Studios NYC

Sofa Bed

The song Sofa Bed produced by and featuring Barber was featured on the album of Grammy nominated and multi-platinum rap group, Nappy Roots. Sofa Bed went on to chart on several charts.

“Sofa Bed” was released on the Death Row Records/WIDEawake Ent./Eone Music on the Audio Stepchild album, “Every Coincidence is Significant”. The first remix, “Another Sofabed” appeared on the Nappy Roots project, AllHipHop Presents-Nappy Roots Sh*t’s Beautiful. Now with the third version of the song, Junior Jackson has added a new hook, and it is on The Hookah Lounge Vol. 1 released by Hoopla Worldwide/Fontana. The Hookah Lounge featured the likes of Johnny Depp, Crooked I, the Geto Boys, Nappy Roots, Cyhi the Prince (Kanye West), and more.

Front Cover

Deadly Combo

Michael Barber is teaming up with fellow Indiana rapper, Matty Moe, to release Deadly Combo. A joint album of 10 songs all produced by Michael. The album also features 2 songs with Nappy Roots, one song with Streetlife from the Wu Tang Clan, a song with Josh Tifer of Illuminati Sky, and a song with upcoming Louisville, Kentucky rapper, Renzo St. Charles, and more.



Motion Picture Mayhem

Motion Picture Mayhem II

Motion Picture Mayhem III

The Purple Aces Project


Xanax and Anchovies

The Truth with DJ Fade

Broadway Bangers with Buffalo Stille

It Was Written with DJ Shogun

Can I Live with DJ Mo Phatt

The Barber Identity with DJ 187 (German Release)


Sand Dollars with Illuminati Sky

Deadly Combo with Matty Moe


Moon Rocks with Matty Moe

Sofa Bed with Nappy Roots

Another Sofa Bed with Nappy Roots

Sofa Bed 502 Remix with Nappy Roots and Junior

She’s My Pennie Lane (UMG)

Take Your Time (Illuminati Sky) Interscope

Circus Beer 

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